Write a c program to sort a list of names in descending order

Sort an Array Elementsin Descending Order in C++

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Target array to be sorted.

How to sort a ListView control by a column in Visual C#

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Sorting algorithms/Bubble sort

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As of today, GNU gettext offers a complete toolset for translating messages output by C programs. Perl scripts and shell scripts will also need to be translated. /* Write a C program to accept a set of names and sort them in * * an alphabetical order, Use structures to store the names */ #include.

C++:: Sorting Numbers In Both Ascending And Descending Order? Sep 7, What kind of code should i use for sorting numbers in both ascending and descending order? I don't know how to use bubble sorting either, is there another easy way to sort this out?

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C:: Write Program To Sort 2 Ints On Ascending / Descending Order? Sort students by name in descending order - Java Quiz Question Write a program to sort the students by name in descending order. HINT: Create an anonymous class implementing the Comparator interface for doing this.

Accept a set of names and sort them in alphabetical order using structure /* Write a C program to accept a set of names and sort them in * * an alphabetical order, Use structures to store the names */.


Aug 26,  · You can also sort based upon multiple columns using sort command as a sort -nk23 will sort the output first on the second column and then on 3rd column. 4) Sorting output on alphabetical order by using UNIX sort command In this example of UNIX sort command, we will see how to sort the output of any command in alphabetical order.

Write a c program to sort a list of names in descending order
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